Roof Consulting Services
Visual roof site inspection
        Observed roof conditions
        Recommendations for roof repairs/replacements
        Present and 5-year roof budgetary cost
        Estimated roof life expectancy
        Roof condition photo documentation

    Roof Project Management
Roof site inspection
        Written roof specification
        Roofing contractor site visit conference
        Roofing contractor bid evaluation
        Roof project quality assurance monitoring

    Additional Roof Consulting Services
        Roof repair bid review
        Non-destructive infrared analysis
        Warranty claims assistance
        Insurance claim adjustment
        Expert witness
        Garden roof consulting

Contact Information

Ray Bodis
office: 303.537.7390
cell: 303.349.1752

Terry Schilken
cell: 303.895.5548

Out of Sight. Out of Mind.


Poor Roof Management.